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Maletto Packaging has a variety of equipment to meet your
requirements in a timely manner and with the best quality possible.

Our equipment:
  • ABC Carton Formers (3)
  • Tray Former
  • Pearson Carton Erector
  • Pearson Basket Erector (2)
  • Debulker
  • Combi Drop-Packer
  • Automatic Palletizer
  • Top Sealer
  • Carton Taper
  • Shrink Wrap Oven & Tunnel
  • Wrap Machines (2)
  • High Speed Stitchers
          Top Sealer                                                Automatic Palletizer
   Combi Drop-Packer                                Pearson Carton Erector                             Carton Taper                                      Pearson Basket Erector
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